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First cruise 68 days until 14 day Hawaii cruise on the sapphire princess (ya) WE are not going to worry about anything It has benn fun from the time we started looking at the diffrent cruises. after reading alot of comments and opions(espeacialy on this site).WE figure we have some idea of whats going on, We have been reading alot of reviews of ships and cruise lines and there seems to be more than afew pepole who just pick at every little thing its makes we wonder they even go on a cruise in the firstplace? Not us I think we could be going to Hawaii on atug boat and still have a blast.Im just rambling on now. back to the question IT been woory free having agreat time just planning and day dreaming of going. We would like to thank everyone for there thoughts and apions Its been very helpful. Happy sailing to all.
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