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Originally Posted by SteveinPhilly View Post
We were on the WEstwerdam (WEst.Caribbean) in March 2009 and going back this February (25th- Eastern Caribbean). Going through my photos and videos I have images of the CD we had and wondering if he is still there. Looks like Chef Rudi is still there. BIG GUY!


Unless you can tell us the name of the CD there really is no way to tell you if the CD you had in 2009 is still on the ship. He could be but then they do move around a lot of he could have left HAL.

Did you mean that Chef Rudi is a "BIG man", because Rudi Sodiman is acutally a "short" guy. He is the "Executive Head Chef" and works out of the Seattle Office, and goes from ship to ship overseeing the chefs on board. Rudi must have been visiting the Westerdam when you were there.
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