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We were on the two cruises before you.

The Platinum gift on the first cruise was a 6 pack cooler. (we got 4 of them) The gift on the second cruise (our cabin steward realized we had just gotten 4 of the coolers so wanted to give us something else) ... was the CONGRATS book from the Formalities Store with the Funship Freddie stuff inside.

We found 4 children to give those to before we left the ship.

On this cruise (I certainly do not know if this is fleet wide) there was only ONE solo entertainer (there used to be in the Atrium and one the Casino area). On this cruise, they were using the cocktail pianist more to replace the Atrium soloist.

Still did not effect my cruise, but that was one change I personally experienced.

Btw, save the soda can use them on future cruises and delay buying the soda card for a day or two !!

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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