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Default cruising out of NYC

Hello all,
Ive posted years ago with a different name and had to sign up again since I couldnt recall my last sign in info. Anyway- hello again and quick question about a departure port Ive never used. I grew up in NY (Brooklyn) and moved away ages ago. I live in MD and using NYC as a departure port would be wonderful distance-wise. I loved our first NCL trip on Majesty and would love to try the Jewel.

The question: Is it filled with NYers and will it feel that way? I dont mean to insult anyone with the bluntness of this statement but theres a certain lack of friendliness Id hate to brush up against on a cruise thats should be nothing but bliss. I found a review on this ship on this board that said they felt NY attitude around, but its an older review and I realize opinions are personal. Like I said I grew up there and have often overlooked this departure port because I was worried about this issue. So Im not making this statement based on rumors or ideas -but experience growing up in NY. When I cruised out of Southern ports I felt the Southern warmth. Cruised out of Miami once and felt like I was on a ship full of NYers- and I didnt like it as much as southern departures. Maybe I just answered my question- maybe the board will convince me otherwise. Any other info on the Jewel from a recent passenger would be great too.

Thanks for any insight and honest opinions.
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