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My last cruise was my 10th cruise; however, Carnival partially forgot it was my 10th and managed to give me the right colored card and ave VIP on my documents, and that is where my Platinum status ended. I didn't think it funny when the gal checking us in had to go out to the regular check in space to get my cards, no, I was too busy catching up with my friend who picked me up at the hotel after she arrived in Miami.

As it turned out, they didn't have me on any of the lists for Platinum and I had it corrected later the next day when I didn't have anything in my cabin when I should have had the platinum gift (the first picture frame!).

Therefore, if you get to the port and the agent at checkin has to leave to get your card, don't wait too long, go to guest services and find out if Carnival remembered that it was your 10th, especially if you had a cruise before the program was in place cuz my first cruise was in 1991.

As for your other members of the party, sadly they will have to meet you onboard. One couple on the last cruise had a rather large group of people with him and only him/his wife were Platinum and they were told they had to check in in the main area and would not be allowed to wait in the VIP lounge or board with the couple. The man said he talked to Carnival and they said it was OK, the agent said the rule is only VIP/Platium and the guests in the cabin with them that are not Platinum can board first/immediately. He was making a scene and started acting like a spoiled rotten child and bullied them into allowing his whole party (of which all buh two were Platinum) board together. They were NOT part of a group cruise.....I had front row seat to the drama as we were sitting right by the doors to VIP lounge, which is a reasonable size and rightfully so should be for those passengers who have suite or Platinum status and the others in the cabin with them.

Ooh, and the VIP lounge is also for special needs passengers as you'll see people in wheelchairs or scooters too in there....

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