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Default 400+ bags in naughty room with smuggled booze

Just an FYI.

I just got off the Voyager of the Seas today and I had to go to the naughty room to collect my bag the first evening. I wasn't alone - there were over 400 other bags there too. They used the conference center and they had all the guests come and identify their bags to be searched. They found everything in all the usual hiding places. They were also limiting soft drinks to six. I had eight cokes and a wee bit of the Captain;-).

Did it cause me to purchase? NO. I didn't buy a single drink on the ship.

Overall the cruise was great! I have a review on my blog if your interested.
Ray's Cruise Blog: Voyager of the Seas Review 1.9.2011
(It's too long for the CM review form)

Again, this is just an FYI--not a comment on the merits of drinking or not drinking NOR smuggling or not smuggling liquor. Just what seems to be happening now, at least on this sailing.
Ray McDonald / Snoozeman

My Personal Cruise Blog: My Cruise Blog

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