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Default Belize cruise

Well, my Belize cruise was absolutely fabs. No complaints. Decided to snorkel with the rest of the gang, and took an independent to the marine reserve near Amergris - swam with the sharks and sting rays. Gotta see it and experience it to Believe it.

Now - new developments along the lines I wrote about earlier. Carnival Cruises seem to have dropped themselves into some real problems by apparently reneging on some agreement they made in Miami a week ago with none other than the Prime Minister of Belize and a tourism team he took there to sort out some problems, among them the business of tendering from the ships to shore. Looks like some dude named Rick O'Shea showed up in Belize with two or three large tenders brought from Hawaii to knock out the local tender guys, and all hell broke loose. Looks like Carnival cancelled the visit of its large boat the TRIUMPH for tomorrow, Tuesday, due to the latest debacle. The Belize media is very vocal and very well informed and is knocking Carnival on the head, yelling all sorts of heavy stuff. Word is that the government of Belize is about to tell Carnival to march out and stay out, and is looking around allready for other lines to take their spots in Belize. WOW. Heavy. Real !!!! Good for little Belize - the mouse that roared?
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