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Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post
I heard on the news last night that the Astronaut who is married to Represntative Gifford said he would truly like to meet the parents of the assassin who shot his wife and killed so many others.

He wants so tell them that not only does he in no way hold them responsible but that they're as much victims as those their son shot, including his wfe and that his heart goes out to them as well.

Being the wus that I am, I just sat there as the tears rolled.

What a magnificent man he must be!

God Bless him and all of the victims and their families.

I know a man whose wife was killed by a young kid who was racing and smashed into their car. He put his arms around the boy who was sobing and with his parents and told him he forgave him. He additionally went to the trouble to prevent the boy from receiving any jail time simply because he was by all accounts an excellent young man and he didn't want his future destroyed by the incident.

That to me is a rarity in emotion
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