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On our recent cruise one of our dining companions was a bad sleeper & often would take a walk early AM, he said he would see people putting towels on beds from about 04-30 if that was me I would have waited 'til they were gone & took 'em off!
One gripe of mine is bars & coffee shops....people sitting there buying nothing but using a seat that others(me) want to use to have a coffee or a drink, oblivious...or just don't care? We had a lot of those who seem to think they can enter a lift before anyone gets out, those who will squeeze in where there is really no room. Food & plate fondling (usually) old ladies. People thinking, yes actually thinking, that saying ''I am a gold member you know'' makes any difference. One woman on a catamaran trip who pushed in on our lunch table saying ''I have to sit somewhere'' my wife had to sit on the steps with the plate on her lap...either that or kick the ignorant so-in-so into the sea!!
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