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Originally Posted by CruisinTime View Post
I needed this thread. I cruised out of Miami once and thought the ship was full of rude jerks (most with a NY accent) ((since so much of FL IS NY now it makes sense)) I was thinking of booking a ship out of NY but was comparing those 2 NCL ships with RCI in Baltimore. All of my more southern departures have been pleasant. The Miami experience had me wondering but this thread has convinced me what I already knew.. NYer are nasty pushy rude (not to mention ignorant) people. They think the world revolves around them and dont even think some of their crap is rude. Its how they grew up, why would they know different. I grew up in Brooklyn NY. Every time I go home Im blown away how servers dont even look at you. Owners of establishments act like they are doing you a favor by being open and just try to merge your car in time for an exit- good luck. After reading this thread I will never cruise out of NY (or Miami) again.

Thank you- really.
PS- chair savers I have seen on ALL ships. But my saying has been from my first cruise- if you want to find all the jerks- go to the pool. Only line cutters Ive ever seen was the Miami departure.
As a former New Yorker, I really take exception to the above remarks. Your statements that all New Yorkers are "nasty, pushy, rude and ignorant" is really over the top. I would hope that the moderators would edit your post accordingly. To cast all New Yorkers in one category is ridiculous.
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