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Originally Posted by CruisinTime View Post
Hello all,
Ive posted years ago with a different name and had to sign up again since I couldnt recall my last sign in info. Anyway- hello again and quick question about a departure port Ive never used. I grew up in NY (Brooklyn) and moved away ages ago. I live in MD and using NYC as a departure port would be wonderful distance-wise. I loved our first NCL trip on Majesty and would love to try the Jewel.

The question: Is it filled with NYers and will it feel that way? I dont mean to insult anyone with the bluntness of this statement but theres a certain lack of friendliness Id hate to brush up against on a cruise thats should be nothing but bliss. I found a review on this ship on this board that said they felt NY attitude around, but its an older review and I realize opinions are personal. Like I said I grew up there and have often overlooked this departure port because I was worried about this issue. So Im not making this statement based on rumors or ideas -but experience growing up in NY. When I cruised out of Southern ports I felt the Southern warmth. Cruised out of Miami once and felt like I was on a ship full of NYers- and I didnt like it as much as southern departures. Maybe I just answered my question- maybe the board will convince me otherwise. Any other info on the Jewel from a recent passenger would be great too.

Thanks for any insight and honest opinions.
Fuggedabodit is all I have to say!
I'm from NYC and I've taken cruises from all over and have never noticed any Changes in Lattitudes, Changes in Attitudes. However, having said that, I do note that people from NYC tend to tip more, dress up more, expect more, and are somewhat more vocal than others. Then again, others from parts more southern are just as vocal in other topics: religion, politics, food, etc. and more laid back. Different strokes for different folks, whatever floats your boat, and be happy in our unique nature. It would be so boring to bow down to conformity. Enjoy your cruise no matter where you leave from and remember, it's not the destination, but the journey that is important!
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