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Actually, there is a good bit of misinformation out there and, for some reason, sites like Cruise Critic have actually deleted accurate information. It seems that controversy and panic sells, so why let the truth get in its way.

I do, obviously, have some inside information and other information that is second-hand so I cannot confirm either. But what I can say is that, in fact, there ARE people in Miami that will be retaining their jobs. Some I understand why and some others I can't figure out. To be sure, the majority will be out of jobs, and others (like some in reservations) will be telecommuting (as Holland America does with hundreds of reservation agents), so the numbers moving to Seattle will be quite limited.

I think everyone needs to keep in mind that areas like Marketing, Port Operations, Shore Excursions (not Private Journeys, though), Provisioning, etc. do not need duplicative staffing. It does not take two people to say, "OK, we need sirloin steaks for HAL and fillet mignon for Seabourn." Clearly the same person can place the two orders.

And, to be sure, Marketing has been a disaster, IMHO, so why continue on in the same manner?

Where I am not happy is that - at least at the start - they are trying to have HAL sales representatives provide support for Seabourn travel agents. Now, I don't really need much support to begin with (except for some special circumstances), but me thinks I might know just a tad more about Seabourn than my HAL he will, not his fault, be pretty worthless. That may, I hope, change.

That, however, will not affect what is happening on the ships...which is what Seabourn's guests are most concerned with.

I will note there are a few...a very few...that worry about the bartender marrying the stewardess and that they are thinking of moving to some obscure town in central Uruguay to live with a distant relative that has a secret recipe for cookies and wish to have blonde-haired children, but can't due to a rare genetic defect ...but for the most part, Seabourn guests are focused on making sure they are greeted with a smile, intuitive service and excellent cuisine with enough familiar faces present to make them feel at home. That is not going to change.
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