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Default Disney Dream Inaugural

Disney Dream Inaugural
I have already written a number of articles about what is onboard Disney Dream, in terms of concepts. I have written about the extensive children’s programs, from 6 months to 17 years old. I have noted the wonderful Art Deco décor, especially in the movie theater where they show first run Disney movies night and daily. I expounded on the extensive adults-only area called “The District” where people can get away and feel special at the end of long day.

Today I got to see the ship in action, and tomorrow I will see even more of it. Disney Dream is a BIG ship – chock full of attractions. There is something for everyone here, and for the first time since I started writing about cruise ships, I mean that almost literally. There is something SOMETHING different here that will appeal to every age group imaginable.

I keep thinking about the “It’s a Small World” Nursery – where you see rows of cribs and toddlers swings, and you can just imagine that room alive with fresh humanity – like the maternity ward at a hospital – fresh faces smiling, gurgling and laughing out loud, boys & girls.

I envision the “Oceaneers Club” where the “magic floor” has kids seven to 12 playing games together. It looks like so much fun I want to do it. You know how they open up the adult discos to teens on some nights on some ships, I want the reverse on this ship, I want them to open up the kids facilities to adults at least one night per week.

I see the teen’s club Vibe – they have the coolest sport on the whole ship – deep within the bow, with great pools with misters and pop fountains, a live DJ booth and nooks and crannies for slipping away with someone special.

Then I see the adult’s clubs – the sports bar, the “Cove” for coffee, the Skyline Bar, and I see this is a ship where grownups can have fun, too.

But without a doubt the busiest places of all are the all ages outside decks with the pizza and hotdog stands and the amazing waterslide ride, the AquaDuck.

Inaugural on Steroids

It all started today with the Inaugural show. It had a little bit of everything, too, and at one point there must have been 500 characters (some of them people) on stage. It started with Tinkerbelle blowing her magic pixie dust over the stage to get the magic started. There were speeches by Disney dignitaries, but the real fun started when the Magnanimouse magnum of champagne appeared on a float out on the sea with Micky Mouse onboard, and with a flash he disappeared from there and appeared right in front of us. How did he do that?

Soon he was joined by Goofy, the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, Minnie, Donald… you name it and they were there. There characters from every Disney movie ever; Aladdin, Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, Finding Nemo, Toy Story…

Next game the introduction of the famous godmother for the ship, the beautiful, and truly talented Jennifer Hudson who got started with her career singing on the older Disney Wonder, and who eventually went on to win the show American idol.

The climax came when a helicopter came from overhead and actually picked up the bottle of champagne (which was 15 feet tall at least) and carried it over to the bow of the ship. Upon Jennifer’s command after the traditional ship’s blessing, the helicopter knocked it against the bow- and the champagne bottle exploded with a spray of stars, and fireworks went off instantaneously all over the ship. The horn blew “When you wish upon a star.”

Seeing Inside

Finally we were able to enter the ship, and everything I had seen in the shipyard was now polished to perfection. The kids areas were instant hits, I have never seen so many excited faces; the teen areas were almost instantly populated, and the adult clubs had grownups looking starry-eyed at the possibilities of spending a few nights nestled in these rooms.

The Grand Ballroom is luxurious, with a huge chandelier and an statue in homage of Donald Duck. The restaurants; Animator’s Palace; The Enchanted Garden and the Royal Palace all looked as magnificent as they do in the story books or movies.

Everything about this ship – to the last detail is just perfect, and there are areas where you just behold the beautiful styling of the ship and enjoy it. Similar to a Celebrity Solstice ship, the décor is fine and perfectly executed; but with a far more youthful appeal.

I will be able to take and upload a lot more pictures tomorrow you all let me know what you want to see.
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