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Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
A few questions, if I may ...
  1. Does the Carnival stock count towards a HAL cruise? If so, I will tell DH to buy some today!
  2. Since we generally buy on line and don't have a stock certificate ... is just a printout of the transaction sufficient? I don't necessarily want to disclose my entire portfolio to Carnival.
  3. Do I need to own the stock personally or can I own the stock through my company? As long as my name is on the account (I own the company) would that work?
1. Yes
2. Probably OK (I used a statement copy with totals blocked out)
3. ????

Comment: We didn't get the full benefit in shipboard credit. HAL took away another one because "not all apply on the same cruise".....i.e. "some restrictions apply"
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