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Originally Posted by Randino View Post
Hi there, first time cruiser, soon to be

1. I am a male, 32, married with 1 daughter.
2. Haven't booked yet, but will probably in 2 weeks time.
3. Chose a short cruise out of Mobile because I can drive to there and wanted to start small and cheaper.
4. Biggest worry is not knowing anything yet.
5. Main uncertainty right now is a question regarding phones and using them on board, it is looking to be expensive, but I'm not sure.

I welcome all help and advice and thanks in advance.
As to not knowing anything yet, there is no better place to learn what you need to know than right here on these boards!

As for your phone, depending on where in the world you go, it may or may not work in port, but will probably not work at sea. You will probably have phone service from most ports in Mexico and the Caribbean and many in Europe (depending on your carrier.) But, ports in Parts of Europe, South America, Asia and the Pacific -- not so much. You will, however, have phone and computer service from the ship, at a price.
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