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I'm not a balcony snob-- I just like a balcony. I wouldn't, on the other hand , pay the extra money for a suite. I've stayed in all categories and as long as I can afford a balcony, I'll pay for it. I really don't mind an outside either but really, really hate an inside.I like to at least to be able to see outside. Location is also important to me-- I don't want to be mid-ship, although people sing the praises of a smoother ride, etc.--if the water get rough enough to be a problem, I don't care where you are you will feel it.The traffic mid-ship can be disturbing late at night as you have people coming and going both directions. I want to have a passenger deck over and beneath me-- do not want to ever again have to be under the galley !! Been there --done that once- that was enough!
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