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Default Not a snob...

The cabin type & location is vital to us, aft balcony is the one we try to get if the ship has them, the views are superb & if the ship is going the right way you can get a sunrise & sunset into your cabin, we have some lovely memories of sailing into/out of places like Venice. Funny thing I find is that those who say they only use the cabin to sleep /wash/change & never spend ANY time there are always in the cheap cabins that nobody would want to spend any time in anyway!
Another thing I have noticed is that those who never spend time in the cabin, is that they do spend a lot of time in the bars & the coffee bar, most without actually buying anything but just sitting there reading or doing puzzles, therefore actually hogging a seat that could be used by someone who actually wanted to buy a drink.
We have always been the same, seats on planes for instance, why not have a type & position that is more comfortable, hotel rooms too, you can get one at the back over the kitchens or one with a view of the sea & gardens with more room.
Another reason we like a ''nice'' cabin is that we find very little on ships that interests us during the days at classes to learn stuff "at a nominal fee." We have never found space by any pool on any ship & neither would we want to looking at the crowds crammed together, so our balcony with a view of the sea is valuable to us, after all we can actually see the sea from the balcony, at some of the pools you could be anywhere.
PS my avatar pic is from our aft balcony on Arcadia sailing out of Venice

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