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I think decent bathroom & cruise ship don't really go that to me is something that is purely a practical thing, as long as you can do what you have to it's fine. On Azura our bathroom was quite small because they didn't have a bath, who needs a bath? we did have a nice & very useful dressing/hanging area though. Best bathrooms we have found are on Celebrity, as I remember Connie having a large room with a double basin, & Eclipse had a wonderful bathroom with a huge shower that had actual doors.
Coffee bars are for people buying the product & I think it's even more important to move on when you have finished, sorry, but I find it most irritating to go to the coffee bar having trekked down from the upper decks only to find nowhere to sit because table hogs are doing soduku or more like ("sod-you-too''), playing cards or similar.
Cigarette smoke does carry across from balconies, but you are outside, doesn't bother me but my wife can't stand it, I found the aroma of cooking more offensive on Azura. The smoke was worse along corridors of inside cabins where smoking wasn't allowed but obviously took place.
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