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Disembarkation Day

After dinner I came straight back to the room to pack. I did something I had never thought of before, and I hav3e to give my tablemate credit. I mentioned that often there is no room service on the last day of a cruise – especially these preview cruises. He suggested that I order a pot of coffee before I go to bed – because I told him I have a clothes steamer which is like a jailhouse water heater – bare electricity used to heat water.

They brought the coffee, and as it turned out the coffee actually stay3ed hot overnight anyway. I had NO waiting at all, and I didn’t have to pre-set a wake-up time. I may be doing this far more often.

I packed my gear, checked in for my flight online (although I couldn’t print the boarding passes it still helps, and now I am sitting in Orlando airport, with free wifi, for about seven hours total. But at least I have a direct flight home.

I have a LOT of work to do in the next week, a lot to digest about Disney Dream, ny first ride on Disney. Overall, it promised exactly what I expected, a Disney experience of the first quality. The stage shows are excellent, the fun is more fun, the daytime food (buffet, coffee bars, etc) is excellent. Wonderful free ice cream all day. The stage shows are among the best at sea, pure entertainment; funny, lively meaningful.

I’ll will be fleshing out our official cruise review before long, but for now – just know that this is a quality cruise experience, but it is what it is – a DISNEY cruise, not Carnival or Royal Caribbean cruise. This is about Disney foremost, having fun – and about “cruising” secondarily.

Parents should be ready for the fact that kids may not want to spend time with them, they will be so caught up in having fun with their own age groups. But that is OK, it keeps your kids young and happy, it gives them MEMORABLE childhood experiences, and who doesn’t crave those as you get older, right?
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