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RCL ACCEPTS Air Miles as payment for your cruise.

22K Air Miles! Good for you! Off the top of my head, I think you might have MORE than enough for two people, with flights via Air Canada or Westjet and be able to jump on Oasis or Allure for 7 days in a balcony room for FREE (Plus taxes and fees of course), which, based on our last cruise might be only $200 - $300 pp. Check it out!

We're back up to 11K again right now, we collect abour 10K to 12K on average each year.


WRT Air Miles Vs. Aeroplan, typically it seems to be like an argument of who's better, Chevy or Ford. Opinons are often split. We like Air Miles and out here in Manitoba, it SEEMS to be the better option. I actually spoke to a Carnival rep on Freedon last week from Canada trying to figure out if the Carnival certificates would be a good choice for us and use them towards the taxes and fees. Our conversation went more into a discussion about Air Miles as she was from Ontario, she was a collector, but she didn't put much effort into collecting them as in her opinion she thought she was only collecting a few here and there from the liquor stores in Ontario. Here in Manitoba it's pretty easy to collect Air Miles through Safeway. Our number 2 winner is our BMO Gold Mastercard, and finally, we buy all our gas at Shell. They add up quickly for us.

Nothing wrong with a free cruise, especially if you can't win one at Bingo !

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