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This whole debate is no debate,,,in fact like most ‘gripes’; it is a reflection of our society and only a reflection of how for some reason 'some' people expect other people to be different or react ‘different’ when on a ship and be like them,,,,when actually at home it does not happen. Being ignorant, arrogant or a pain does not just suddenly happen when some peoples feet walk up a gangplank,,,they are already that way. By being on a ship is not going to make you a nice or social person in everyones eyes if you never had the skill in the first place!

However, you are sailing with nice people in the majority, courteous people but also the a**H**** will always be there and they are that either at home or away, so being on ship is not going to change that, its life, its cruising.

Being on a ship does not along with your tickets present you with people that think and act like you,,accept it and get on with your own cruise.

Me. I can ignore the aholes, they will not spoil my pleasure as I know they will be there on ship before my luggage hits the cabin, so set to ignore.

But I guess some are intimated by them, don’t be, as inside when confronted they are usually cowards and will back down.

Be a Scotsman for the day, a person presents something socially not right in your mind, just say ‘ I’m sitting here, and before you say anything else, whoever you booked the seat for can fight me for it when they turn up if it’s a problem’. Personally, I've never actually had to have that fight and the arrogant pig that thought all of what was presented was theirs to control have in reality just walked away... no doubt thinking that it was me that was in the wrong and socailly unacceptable,,but I can live with that,,,and I dont go to bed thinking ' I wish I had said'

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