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Originally Posted by HawkeyeFLA View Post
I grew up in Europe, where the concept of sharing a table at a bistro or what not is, or at least when I lived there, the norm. I have no problem sharing a table, and no problem chatting or not chatting depending on the other person's mood. But heck, it can be a great way to meet new people, even if just for a short time.
Where in Europe did you grow up? I too am a European and I cannot think of anything worse than having to push my way onto a shared table for breakfast or any meal with strangers,,,it is not the norm in Europe. People look for privacy first and if really pushed will ask to join a shared table.

People may also have a misunderstanding of Europe, it actually only exists in name, not in traditions, or values. Socially each is is so different, with different 'accceptance' gauges in each of the many cultures that make up the continent.

Do I think like a Swede no, a German no, a Spaniard, no. An Italian, no. A Frenchman, God forbid

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