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Default Cruise Companies are not your normal company

No one says one cannot and it does not happen. We are simply informing her that a cruise company has very strict rules not only about being with passengers during working hours but also off hours.
In fact cruise staff are not allowed to be on passenger decks especially in their cabins unless their job requires them to.
Getting fired from a job you took pains to obtain, to pay your own airfare back to where you embarked at the start of your contract is not a great experience.

I'm not saying one cannot meet on shore or between cruises or carry on a relationship between ports of call but on the ship itself is a normally NO NO period. Some exceptions exist between Officers and Staff versa crew.
See link; Working on a Cruise Ship
Quote: "Fraternizing and other Relationships
Are crew members allowed to fraternize with the passengers? On the mass-market and other large ships, the answer is a simple "no." Waiters should not be flirting with passengers and cannot meet with them on board -- they are not allowed in passenger areas, and passengers are not allowed in crew areas. If a waiter sees a guest on shore and they have a meal together there's no harm done, as long as it is consensual. But a waiter who makes overtures to a guest, either on or off board, can find himself in big trouble if the passenger does not feel comfortable about it.

Staff members, however, are generally given the "run of the ship" day and night, and are allowed to have a cocktail in the ship's public rooms. Many times they will develop friendships or relationships with passengers while on board, but staff members are not allowed in passenger cabins and guests cannot go to crew areas
Romance can occur.. agree but rules exist for good reasons on cruise ships.
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