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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I have never heard of vacation pay on a cruise ship. Generally everyone is under a service contract that lasts for several months. When the contract ends you are no longer employed. You may have a new contract starting in 8 weeks (it varies) but that is a separate employment agreement.

It is only called "vacation" but it is really just the end of your current contract.

There may be exceptions, especially for NCL-America, but I have not heard anything specific.
Managers and Officers get paid while they're home. They remain employees the whole time. I haven't been on a ship for over a year, and I still have my employee number. I took two years off, went back and had the same number...I was technically an employee the whole time. You get vacation pay when you sign off...and usually your next contract...if you don't already know it. A lot of people tend to stay on one ship a while these days.
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