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Mine is a simple story

When Mrs. Kuki and I got married I had promised her a cruise for her 10th anniversary.. if she put up with me that long. I managed to stall until our 15th anniversary.

In Dec. 1994 I caved, and we went on a 5 day cruise on Royal Caribbean's Nordic Prince. I insisted on no more than 5 days, as I was sure I would feel "island fever" and want OFF.

We had an inside cabin, bottom deck, as far aft as we could get without working in the engine room. The cabin had single beds built at right angles into the superstructure. Each bed was about 5 1/2 ft long (I'm 6 ft 3 in.)
There was a bathroom and a telephone, and that was IT.

And we were hooked! Who knew what that one 5 day cruise would bring to our lives. And who know that in 2011 we'd be heading towards maybe 60 cruises (I've lost track).
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