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Your experience is perfect. They don't want artistic DJ's...just think of all the songs you hate the most, and those are the ones you'll be playing. Stuff that'll make you cringe and make you want to stab out your ears with anything you can find, and a lot of it.

Oh, and reggaeton...mind numbing hours of it. And then more reggaeton.

Don't expect to play anything decent. Lots of line dances, 50s & 60s stuff that the ship will provide you (corporate playlists), and then Top 40 that the ship will provide too. You'll do theme nights (country/disco/polite jazz and mellow standards/"island" music (but not real island music...not what the crew listen's like jimmy buffett and red red wine).

Most ship DJ's go spin in the crew bar if they ever want to play anything good, because the guests have horrible taste in music. The DJ on the last ship I was on would go upstairs to torture his ears for the evening, and then run down after he'd gotten everyone out of the guest bars, and then play until 4am in the crew bar...electro-house. It was the only thing keeping him alive. He got pretty into drinking...he just hated the music he had to play. It's basically the same 10 songs, over and over and over...and they're those 10 songs. The ones you hate.

...and then more reggaeton.

You do lots of other stuff too. You're technically cruise it's lots of smiling and "my pleasure". I cringe everytime I hear someone say that now.
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