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Originally Posted by MrMate View Post
I don't know if rules have changed, but when I was with NCL, we could transfer to the passenger list a few days before our end of contract and then stay up to three months in the US. I'm a norwegian citizen.

I heard rules are much stricter the later years, so I guess it's the first flight out.
These days, if you want to stay in the's pretty much impossible. They've become so paranoid and xenophobic that they actually have TSA agents escort you from the ships (they come on the bus), right to your gate (after they molest you). They actually walk with you to your gate. That's in big centres...maybe not everywhere. Last time that happened to me though, I was like "do you really have to do this? don't you have better things to do? i'm from canada...i don't want to live in the states." when i said that, he looked at me and said "i don't blame you...have a nice day" and he walked off. haha...i thought that was pretty funny, and kind of sad.

what happened to the usa? i grew up in hawaii, and it was amazing...over the last 10 years, something's changed.

in other countries, you do have to pretty much go to the airport and go home, but it does depend on where you're from, and where you are. there's no easy answer to this.

sometimes you'll have an overnight, but these days you don't usually get to stay in a country very long afterwards...since the flight schedulers who work for the lines just book you on the cheapest, soonest flight.
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