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Default Guests that don't appreciate how hard crew work

Some people come on ships, thinking that the crew are their personal slaves. I know this isn't the case with most (and nobody on here), but sometimes it's amazing how badly crew members (especially minorites) are treated by some of the guests, who come onboard to work us to death.

Slavery was abolished hundreds of years ago, people. We know you're on vacation, and you earned it...and we want you to be happy, but if you're one of those people who just aren't ever happy with anything, and you lash out at us...when we're working 14 hour days, away from EVERYONE we love for months on makes us want to jump off those balconies you complain are obstructed. We don't even get windows, most of us. We know you're paying for a vacation, but look at where you are, and think "is it really as bad as I think, or do I just need to relax?

We're people...not robots. I know I'm not speaking to you when I say this, because everyone here seems really nice...but wow...I've heard some real horror stories from crew (especially housekeeping/wait staff). Some people just don't know how to treat people.'re asking for gripes...there's one from the crew side.

I also didn't really appreciate getting woken up at 3:30am by the front desk because a movie stopped playing on TV. You're on a cruise, turn the TV off and spend some 'quality' time with your SO or something. It's a boat...go outside and breathe in some sea air, and let me get some sleep so I can work 14 hours tomorrow with some rest.
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