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The crew hates this too. People who don't take safety seriously are the ones that end up making things bad for everyone in a real emergency.

We know you were in the war, and that you were on a ship....once. We don't say to you that we've been doing boat drill every week, for years. we're still there...taking our lives seriously, and yours..if you won't.

Oh well...those people are just the ones we knock out and throw into the boats. That's how we've been trained. If you're not going to cooperate, we'll knock you out...really. We don't care if you sue us...we're trying to save lives, and we won't deal with your alpha-male crap, or your panic because you weren't prepared. We'll just take you out of the equation, and keep trying to save lives.

So, take your lives seriously and you'll survive in the unlikely event of an emergency. If'll survive with a black eye. Your choice.

If you're going to be one of "those" guests that think they're better than boat drill, at least make the effort to know your muster station, and where it is.

We also didn't appreciate guests who'd bring drinks and food. C'mon some class. There isn't a buffet at boat drill, or bar service.

The lifejacket thing is funny though. In South America, we didn't make guests wear lifejackets, because we knew they wouldn't. In America, people toe the line and follow along much easier. I guess the police state is having an effect...we've noticed how docile it is back in the US, after dealing with people in Brazil and Chile who just won't do it. You don't need to take a lifejacket with you...they have them there, but you do need to go and take it seriously...without a drink. Your vacation starts AFTER boat drill. We've been trained about that too.

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