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My first cruise was on the Stella Solaris out of Galveston in May 1991. The ship was moved here only temporarily due to the Gulf war. I remember it very well. I was devastated to learn that we would miss one of our 3 ports due to a tropical storm. (Cayman), but still made the other two- Cozumel and Jamaica. I think the entire ship must have been on Dramamine but it hardly made a difference. I never did get sick but was very queasy. You had to watch where you stepped as there was vomit everywhere.

My ex and I traveled with another couple and we were some of the youngest couples on the ship. For that reason, I believe we were picked on during disembarkation when customs decided to tear into my bags and toss around all my dirty laundry in front of everyone, probably one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. Once they were done and of course found nothing, they left that mound of mess for me to clean up and somehow fit back into that already over-packed suitcase. Many people would probably never have cruised again after suffering through such an ordeal on their very first cruise, but I am happy to say that after 25 cruises to date, I have yet to experience such a nightmare since! Praying it never happens to me again!

I did make it to Cayman the following year on another 7-day cruise and I must say, was a much more uneventful cruise.

Beth—cruising history below…

Sun Line cruise lines
SS Stella Salaris 05/1991
Commodore cruise lines
Enchanted seas 06/1992
Echanted Isle 11/1995, 08/1997, 03/98
Celebrity cruise lines
Horizon 12/2000
Seawind cruise lines
Seawind Crown 06/1995
Carnival cruise lines
Celebration 08/1993, 02/2000, 04/2001, 09/2001, 08/2003
Festivale 05/1994
Facination 05/2000
Inspiration 09/2002
Conquest 11/2010
Norwegian Cruise Lines
Sea 03/1999, 06/1999 03/2004
Star 06/1997
Dream 03/2006

4 cruises still unaccounted for but still digging.

Norwegian Spirit booked for 03/11
Carnival Magic booked for 11/11

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