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Ray I think larger tenders are wonderful. My issue is how Carnival went about trying to get the larger tenders. You know I respect you and your opinion, I think you're a pretty smart guy. So don't smack me on the head if I go off on a little rant.

I am really sick and tired of Carnival portraying itself as a victim in this whole Belize tendering debacle. The news articles I have read report that Carnival came in a few weeks ago and demanded the tender owners start using larger tenders to offload passengers with no less than 150 passenger capacity. Of course Belize being Belize, it's a pretty poor country and I know Carnival claims they are currently paying $5 pp, I wouldn't be surprised if a good percentage of that $5 goes to the Belizian Government in one form or another, gas prices have not gone down, so Carnival expects the tender owners to go out and buy new, large capacity tenders, pay rising fuel costs and continue to charge the same $5 pp. I don't really think that's a reasonable request. Not to mention does anyone know where they can pick up a 150 person tender in just a couple of weeks time? Carnival then brings in a guy named Rick O'Shea who is from Florida to bring in his own tenders to cut the Belize Tender owners out completely. Don't get me wrong I like Carnival, and I like John Heald, but I have lost so much respect for Carnival for the Hardball tactics and public mudslinging they have employed in this situation. They claim the existing tenders are unsafe and are comparing the tender owners to the mafia...

Go into a third world country and try to cut off the livelyhood of people who are hardworking folks and who want to earn a living... yes, you are going to see the ugly side of them. I understand that tendering could be so much easier, faster and more streamlined if they had larger capacity tenders. Do I think the existing tenders are unsafe? No I don't. Of the many times I traveled to Belize on Cruise Ships, I would never step on to a tender (or any boat for that matter) if I felt was unsafe. Do I think the tender owners are trying to hurt the tourism revenue of Belize? No, I think they are simply fighting to survive. I really feel all of this could have been avoided had Carnival attempted to make reasonable demands and set reasonable time lines rather than throwing their weight around with people who barely have two sticks to rub together. I feel that Carnival is attempting to win in the court of public opinion by character assassination and it disgusts me. They are far from victims in this mess, they have the luxury of bringing in Mr. O'Shea to run the tenders, or to sail away from Belize and go to Costa Maya or Calica or some other port. Sorry I had to get that off my chest. Carnival has all the power and portrays themselves as being held hostage.

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