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Originally Posted by radiofreebc View Post
...what happened to the usa? i grew up in hawaii, and it was amazing...over the last 10 years, something's changed.
Read the news lately? !
We've become (read made ourselves) a target for bad guys. This is the response to that threat. Maybe not the best choice of actions but it is what it is.

Canada, and in particular BC, has issues with their Indian/Pak communities, too. The impression a country gives its visitors is far reaching.

Recently on his blog, John Heald talked about how, because he sometimes does not arrive in the US to go directly to the ship, he gets a trip to the "special room" by the border patrol folks. He is English and fairly high on the ranks in CCL.

Many Americans are outraged by the new tactics of our border patrol/TSA but the alternatives are to have a freely open border and the consequences that brings.
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