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Default Insider view of ship communications ?


We enjoy cruising and are looking forward to booking Azamara.

One of the things that really hit home on our 01/02/11 cruise on a mass market line was the "nickel and diming" or the $10/25/100 add ons which is closer to the truth! I'm glad to see Azamara's approach to things

But on to the question. Is there any technical reason that communication on board ship by internet is so poor and so expensive ? I'm in the group of semi-retired and I have the time and money to travel but NEED to be in touch.
I know I have different needs from many but today most folks like to stay in touch, like to send photos, like to talk to their family and friends. The use of internet , whether for communication or entertainment is universal amongst all age groups isn't it ?

I can agree with $100/week up charge but expect the ability to use my computer as I see fit whether Skype calls or some entertainment. I'm no techie but if this can be provided by the airlines at 40,000 feet and travelling at 500 mph surely it can provided on a ship ?

Appreciate an update from the cruise line's perspective ?

Further, Iíll be aggregating guest feedback so that we can benchmark across the various areas in our guest service delivery. A key Azamara operating principle is to be candid and transparent about how we operate

Cruisemates and other message boards are a critical link in our future product development and design and will play a very important long-term role in bridging the gap between what Azamara thinks its guests want and what they are really saying about their needs and wants.

Bill Leiber
Chief Blogging Officer*
Azamara Club Cruises
(*CBO is an authorized and compensated representative of ACC)[/QUOTE]
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