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Talking The FIRST time

In 1971 the friendly USAF sent me to a small radar site on an isolated mountain in Alaska. In the middle of the tour I got a month's leave, and my Dear Wife went to a local Travel Agent to investigate WARM places we could go. That wonderful agent suggested a cruise, a very new idea to us.

So when I got home on leave, we flew to Los Angeles and were packed into a cattle car overnight charter to Miami. On arrival they drove us around the city on a bus for about 3 hours and then took us to the SONG OF NORWAY! We were entranced from the first moment. The Cruise Director passed out ticker tape to the passengers (all 600 of us) and we merrily tossed it on the Port of Miami as we sailed away!

All meals were served in the dining room. The only dining choice was hamburgers on the deck for lunch. Otherwise the dining room was it. Gentlemen wore coats and ties and ladies dresses to dinner every night. It was not on this cruise, but our third cruise that we dined at the Captain's Table.

Of course we booked nothing but ship's excursions, having no idea how to do it any other way.

In two months we leave on our 40th cruise. Obviously we are hooked.

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