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Before we met, as children my wife & I used to holiday with parents on the Isle of Wight (just off the coast of Southampton), we used to see all the classic liners of the day, Queens Mary & Elizabeth United States, France etc. Without knowing we both thought how nice it must be to go on a ship like that (my dad used to be a seaman on these ships) but also thought they are not for the likes of us! This eventually came up in conversation some 40 years later & we thought we would try a cruise, we were unsure if it would be "too posh" for us so when the "Ocean Village" brand of casual dress cruising was launched we thought that would be a good one to try. We did a Caribbean fly cruise & we just LOVED it, we did however prefer waiter service for dinner but other than that we were hooked! Some time later we took our first cruise on P&O's Aurora, sailing down Southampton Water just like those posh people did when we watched from the beach. We still live near Southampton & go down to watch ships come & go, earlier this month there were SIX in on one day, would have been a sight watching them go out in convoy.
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