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Originally Posted by ruthlessboss View Post
I assume the initial question was for a discussion subject only because it's so far fetched in reality. Why would you want to waste your time seeking out someone who is a crew member? It would be time consuming and of no benefit. They have long work hours, need to sleep too, free time is limited. Find yourself a single female out by the pool, bar, or wherever so there would be adequate time to get to know one another and hang out.
You'd be surprised how often it happens. I do have to say though, that hardly any women working on a ship would even look at a male guest...they're so busy telling all the crew members hitting on them nonstop to sod off, that they just don't have the energy or time to do it to guests. If you're a male crew though, lots of female guests want to hook up. Crew members are interesting people, who've done a lot, seen a lot, travelled a lot. Women find us fascinating. I actually met someone on a ship once who was a guest, but we were very careful to not cross that line....until she had left, and I invited her to come back and cruise as my guest. Then, it was okay. If you're a male guest...good luck meeting a female crew member...the line forms to the left, behind the entire crew.
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