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I'd like to clarify the excursion mess: we went through NCL to get the excursion booked but because they only had 4 boats and we needed five, one for the single guy, NCL said they would contact the merchant. After 10 days or so, I called NCL back and they said they never got a response so I asked for the name and within 5 minutes had an email back from the merchant. The plan was for me to have NCL contact the merchant directly so they could arrange all reservations including the 5th boat, then NCL would be billed and in turn, bill us. It took my contacting the merchant several times because NCL couldn't or wouldn't do it and finally the reservations were made for 5 boats, 9 people, all on the same date and same time 9:00 a.m., confirmed by NCL not the merchant. So NCL made the switch without asking anyone in our party, and we were linked as a group traveling together, and they also didn't notify us. We did check our tickets but individually and just made sure they were the right excursion, right date. No one paid attention to the time and single guy didn't notice they had moved his time off of 9 and onto later in the day and we didn't discover it until we were on the dock ready to go.
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