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My first cruise was a Xmas sailing on the Holiday in 1991. We were to be in Grand Cayman on Xmas day and Ocho Rios the next day (both stat holidays). Everything about the cruise was great! Fabulous! Amazing! Except that I was book in a Twin Share category where they paired up with a fellow cruiser of the same sex and hopefully age range. There were only a handful of cabins for that category and I hope to get a good roomie.

Not so.....

My roomie was a 31 year old nurse who smoked like a chimney--I was 22 and didn't smoke and requested a non-smoker. She was very nice and pleasant, but was really pissed that the was sharing a cabin with someone else. Her boyfriend paid for her to have a Riviera deck inside cabin and she was upgraded to a Upper deck OV cabin sharing. The ship had every single berth filled, so there was no way she would get her solo cabin.

I was having the time of my life, I was everywhere and doing everything, but sadly, my roomie was SEASICK most of the time and on two occasions she locked me out of the cabin well before midnight by locking the door. Needless to say I was not pleased at that and then she proceeded to take the bottom berth MOST nights when we agreed to switch off. I am/was fluffy at the time and wasn't so comfortable on a top bunk cuz lets just say I know waht it feels like to fall through a bunk bed (ok, so there were three of us on the top bunk of a old bunk bed and being kids we never heard the tell take cracks until it gave out...).

I totally enjoyed myself and enjoyed the ports, except I hated Cozumel and still do. The entertainment, food, ship, and the hot weather!

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