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Default Yet another question... Lunch and breakfast dining/drinks???

Ok, the packing is coming along ok. Thanks for your ideas on this.

Now I have some more questions.
1. We have signed up for Traditional Dining. My question is this. For breakfasts and lunches do we use only the Main dining room or are we free to use the anytime dining venue? I assume any of the 24 hr venues are for use at all times by all passaagners.
2. We would enjoy a drink in the afternoon on our balcony. I understand room service is available for individual drinks. Are the drink prices comparable to what one would pay when going out far a casual evening?
I see they also have a duty free store on board that sells liquer as well. Just out of curiosity, are the prices there in line with what we might pay in a state liquer store or highly inflated? Thanks for the info!
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