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Originally Posted by Nanci40 View Post
Hello Bill and others using this site !

I am booked on Journey this May 1st. I enjoy booking things myself on line using the cruise lines' website. I have been told by Azamara representatives that the "My Azamara" part of the website does not work properly and I therefore had to book via telephone and can not access my bill. I'm wondering why this issue isn't resolved? Also, can you tell me when all the shore excursions will be loaded. There are some, but certainly not all.....I hope.
Dear Nanci40 -

I know that our site leaves much to be desired with respect to making its structure more intuitive and to ensuring the accuracy of the posted information. You may encounter some errors caused by the fact that our site’s structure is still connected to Celebrity’s platform. One of our top priorities for this year is to complete our structural redesign pending the approval for the additional investment.

So for the next three or four months we will be operating with our current structure; however, that does not mean that our content should be outdated or incorrect. Our marketing group is conducting an ongoing audit of our content - we have direct access to modify, delete and new content and to correct any misinformation that you might bring to our attention in the future. Our goal is to ensure that our site is accurate so that you’re confident when you use it.

I’ll get back to you with updated information when our 2011 shore excursions will be loaded into the system and specifically your May 1st Journey voyage. Thank you for your patience as I await that information.

Bill Leiber
Chief Blogging Officer*
Azamara Club Cruises
(*CBO is an authorized and compensated representative of ACC)
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