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you can eat anywhere for breakfast & lunch, Horizon Court has a good breakfast & lunch,you can order room service breakfast also, that what we usually do, we order a little something like juice, pastry & tea to have out on our balcony to get our day started then we head out to Horizon Court for a full breakfast. As for drinks, expect to pay what you would at home at a good restaurant, FYI room service can take awhile , we have found it easier sometimes just to go to one of the bars get our drinks and bring them back to the cabin to enjoy. The prices in the liquor store on board are ok, just note that you will not be able to take your liquor purchase back to your cabin, they will hold it for you until the last night of the cruise, you can probably get it cheaper at a duty-free shop on the island, but again, the cruise line will hold your liquor purchase until the end of the cruise
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