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On our 2008 cruise there were a couple who were constasntly pushing people off lines to get their spot .When we were returning home we boarded a plane in Vancouver ,BC and this wonderful couple were on the plane ,not only that but they were seated directly in front of us .The husband was sitting in front of me and the first thing he did was to push his seat back .I tapped him on the shoulder and said that I had a sore right knee and asked if he could move up just a drop.He did not do so but he got up to go to the bathroom and his wife put her full weight against her husbands seats and pushed back against my knee . I arose screaming and a flight attendant came over .I told her what happened and she asked the woman if she did it and she said she did .The flight attendant said there was nothing she could do other than to try and find me another seat on the plane ,there were none .I spent most of the 6 hour flight standing .
When we left the plane and went to collect our luggage this couple was where we were and we exited the terminal in front of them . We hailed a taxi and they tried to get our taxi ,we let them rather than have a confrontation .
That was our travel experience from hell.
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