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We've been fortunate to not encounter "Bad behaviour" as least none that lingers in my memory.

I do remember on our DREAM cruise .... my daughter, was quite distraught when I picked her up from Camp Carnival one day. As most 4 year olds, do she gave me a complete account of her day including how upset she was that a "Bad' girl had not played very nicely with her and grabbed a dolly from her and pushed her away from the dollhouse and would not let her share a dollhouse toy.

I soothed her and told her the next time it happened to speak to one of the counsellors and tell them what happened and they would make sure the little girl played nice.

Well that night at dinner, we discovered this bad little girl was seated a few tables away from us. My daughter (at full volume) says "Mommy, there she is, that is the bad girl that would not play nice at camp carnival". Well the family turned and looked, and embarrassed went back to their dinner.

But it didn't stop there. Wherever we saw her after that, ... in the hallways, in the dining room, in the theatre .... my daughter would point her out, "there's that bad girl again".

If she went to camp carnival and saw that girl there, my daughter would ask to leave.

I probably should have stopped my daughter from identifying her agressor (likely turning my daughter into the agressor). My guess is the little girl had some issues, because her family only reacted with embarrassment not anger.

If some little child was identifying my daughter as a bad girl (knowing my daughter is not a bad girl) ... I would likely go talk to the family to find out why. This family made no such attempt, which made me wonder.

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