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Originally Posted by sirobin171 View Post
Carnival Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year Earnings
Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE/LSE: CCL; NYSE: CUK) reported net income of $248 million, with earnings per share increasing almost 30 percent to $0.31 diluted EPS, on revenues of $3.5 billion for its fourth quarter ended November 30, 2010. Net income for the fourth quarter of 2009 was $193 million, or $0.24 diluted EPS, on revenues of $3.3 billion.
Earnings per share in the fourth quarter was just $0.01 below the cruise line's September guidance despite the recently announced voyage disruptions, which reduced earnings by $0.07 per share.

Carnival said that it reported net income for the full year ended November 30, 2010 of $2.0 billion, or $2.47 diluted EPS, compared to net income of $1.8 billion, or $2.24 diluted EPS, for the prior year. Revenues for the full year 2010 were $14.5 billion compared to $13.5 billion for the prior year.

Micky Arison, Carnival Corporation & plc Chairman and CEO, commenting on full year results said, "All-in-all, 2010 was an encouraging year with improved business trends from a gradually recovering economy. We achieved an 11 percent increase in net income on 7 percent higher revenues. We recovered almost 3 points of revenue yield (constant dollars) from 2009's levels, while improved processes and efficiencies led to a 3 percent reduction in unit costs excluding fuel."
Can we surmise from this that you only want to cruise on ships whose owners lose money? What is your point here?

All of the people involved in servicing you ... mmm ... while you are onboard the ship together ... to compensate them for doing a good job, you are required to leave the astronomical amount of $10 a day. I don't know about you, but for the main meal alone in my city, if you left a $10 tip for the kind of meals we get you'd be harassed onto the street.

Really? Do any of you really have to have this conversation? I go out to dinner here and buy a bucket of wings, a pizza and a bucket of beer. It runs me $50 and I'd leave the waitress at least 8,10 bucks. You get served filet friggin mignon as part of a four course meal within 70 minutes so you can make the main showroom on time ... and you're getting your panties wound up over tipping the WHOLE STAFF all day $10?

Sweet lord. Learn to be a social human being.
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