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Originally Posted by nicolinabaybay View Post

I was on this website last year when my fiance and I took a cruise on Princess for 10 days. Let me say, it was WONDERFUL, PERFECT, THE BEST VACATION EVER!!

However, we found a cruise to go on for our honeymoon on RCI.

Just wondering what people's thoughts were on the cruise itself. I beleive it leaves out of Bayonne, NJ. Ports of call are Labadee Haiti, Antigua, St Kitts, St Thomas, and somewhere else, not exactly sure. It is a 11 or 12 night cruise. Any thoughts?

Also was wondering if there is a lower amount of children on this boat at this time of the year. We were going to go on one around Thanksgiving but beleived this would be a really baddddd time since the children are on school break then.
We sailed EX in the late November (right after Thanksgiving) each year from 2006-2009.

We really enjoy EX, it is clean, well maintained, the crew is good to great. At that time of year there are some kids but with a few exceptions we rarely saw them. Because of the time of year and length of the cruise the passengers tend to be a bit older (40s and up) but there were some younger passengers.

The itineraries are roughly the same, each port has something unique to offer but somehow we always like Antigua the best, perhaps it is the zipline they have, we have done it 2-3 times and always have a good time.

I would recommend you drop a note to the Captain letting him know you are on your honeymoon and asking for one of the tours (backstage, galley or even bridge), something that is generally reserved for repeat cruisers. You may get the tour and/or even invited to the Captain's dinner.

As much as we enjoyed EX we stopped sailing on EX because you lose a day or two (mostly two) on each end of the cruise due to weather at that time of year. You are sailing out of the North Altantic and it is cold and frequently wet at that time of year (in 2007 there was snow on the ship when we boarded and then had a storm that had waves coming over the top deck!). Since we have to travel across the country to get to EX (spending a full day each way) the loss to weather of 4 more days didn't make sense anymore. Now we sail out of FL or sometimes NOLA or TX for the Caribbean.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
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