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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
I don't disagree with you. I collect both vigoriously. I used Aeroplan last October for first class flights to Europe for our cruise.

I've used my Air Miles to fly to Winnipeg (I lived there forever) and Vancouver.

It's just that I am a TA and we are partnered with Aeroplan.

I just called Air Miles to see what is what. (and so I can compare.) I checked our next cruise, Allure. I asked about for a balcony. The balcony guarantee is $1,024 plus taxes $266.77 per person. Using all my airmiles (over 14K) it would still cost me $700 for 2 of us. That's about 1/3 of the cost. I know for aeroplan it is $500 for every 59,000 aeroplan miles. Therefore it would take about 180K aeroplan to get to the same place. I guess it's apples to oranges.

My biggest beef calling them - they held me for 18 minutes took my information then another 10 to give me the information I asked for. I just recieved an automated call from them now wanting me to do a customer satisfaction survey - I didn't like the call. I don't like calls like that if I don't give permission for them to call me back.

Anyway, whichever is most advantageous to me is what I would use.
Unless someone sat down and really crunched the numbers on it, your spending habits, etc, I would say roughly the two are very similar. I've never collected Aeroplan miles, but can you use Aeroplan miles for cruises? I think there is a voucher you can but with your aeroplan miles that you could apply to your cruise. Not sure.

Basically, the second last trip we booked on Carnival Miracle, (yes, bit of a wait time on the phone) the travel agent basically said that 7 Air Miles equals $1.00 CAD. But here in Manitoba, some weeks we can go to Safeway and buy 6 boxes of cereal and get a bonus 100 Air miles which is basically worth a little over $14.00 So again, for us, Safeway, MasterCard Gold, and Shell gas are our big reward places. We used ALL our Airmiles, not quite a year ago, and we are about to hit 12,000 again in less than a year. Prices are still "Plus taxes and fees" but I think I found a way to even help that. On our last cruise we bought 2 X $100 ship certificates (not sure if RCL has a similar program) They said I can use there certificates to go towards my taxes and fees for our next cruise, so that reduces the taxes and fees, plus, Carnival will match the value of the certificate as shipboard credit. Again, this might be a good suplement to Air Miles or Aeroplan.

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