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Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
11K to 12K a year? WOW! WE collect from LCBO, Metro, and AMEX (mostly). I know there are a few more because we get gold status every year. I don't know how long its been, but my 22K has been accumulating for a while.

It amazes me how many people don't collect airmiles. Even if you use it for nothing other than free groceries it is worthwhile.

I don't collect aeroplan. I hate air canada, and avoid at all costs! I have a CIBC divident platinum visa, and a TD gold visa .... they give me CASH I prefer to charge everything to those cards.

Your allure example doesn't sound tooo bad ... except, I would rather drive across the border and fly Southwest. I'd hate to think my airmiles were being wasted on a flight. Do the prices they quote include airfare? I assumed they didnt. If they did, then its probably not a bad deal.

I noticed too that you had to call and talk to an agent. ... it would be nice if you could self-book and see prices on line.
Queen, I kinda hear ya WRT Air Canada. Given the option to choose (if dates, times, and airports line up) we prefer WestJet. But honestly, at the end of the day, I honestly don't give a crap. All airplanes are nothing more than flying buses. The entertainment options on the seatback screens may vary from one airline to the next, but big deal, I'll watch a movie on my netbook or listen to my MP3 player, and I'm more than happy. WRT first class, while a bigger chair would be nice as I am a bigger person but for the extra cost? Hundred's of dollars to upgrade a chair for a few hours? Again, no thanx.

WRT driving south of the border for a flight? I too am fortunate in that respect living about 2.5 hours from the international airport in Minot, North Dakota. It's a tiny airport with smaller planes, but they got us there only a few weeks ago as I bought a 6-Day cruise for the gf for Christmas. I decided to pay 100% cash for flights and cruise Vs. Air Miles mostly as I had a better chance of keeping it secret from the gf that way. The bonus was I earned about 200 Air Miles as I charged the whole trip, cruise and flights to my Gold MasterCard WRT the flight cost, not bad I guess, about $590 all included return, per person from Minot, ND to Fort Lauderdale.

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