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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
No, it didn't include air. We only fly out of YYZ when we are going to Europe. Although we used our Aeroplan we didn't fly air canada - we fly lufthansa. You can fly any airline in the Star Alliance.

Normally we do fly Southwest - much easier for us to drive across the river than to YYZ.

It's very difficult to book a cruise online - too many variables. With us you can usually inquire online and get your info back in an email. I didn't see that option with Air Miles.

I stayed on the line but normally would have hung up. 18 mintes is far too long to wait just to be answered.
You're right, if you book a cruise with Air Miles, you MUST call a TA there. HOWEVER, I have known for a while that you could book flights via the Aeroplan website and now Air Miles has that as well. BUT you would still have to call them to book the cruise I will say this, Air Miles has it's own seperate site for just Carnival that lists the majority, if not all their cruises and at least shows you how many Air Miles you need for the cruise AND how much the taxes and fees are. So at least you know before you call them how many miles you need to cruise. For RCL cruises on the other hand, they only list a couple cruises, the rest you would have to call. Hopefully some day you can book it all online and avoid the wait times holding for a TA.

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