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Default Re: Oh Captain, My Captain

You are assuming that there was 20% more people onboard than they are allowed which just isn't possible. Strict rules must be followed and they are checked routinely by the USCG to insure that they do not have more passengers onboard than they are rated for. Additionally, the Captian is not grabbing a quick bit to eat like you brother the pilot is, or like I was when eating while a Police Officer, the Captian is entertaining and anyone with any sense of ediquette knows that this just isn't done. Throwing biscuits!! How childish is that! Why should other passengers be subjected to such crude and boorish behavior! I for one would have been highly offended and would assist security in removing these people if they needed it. I am not a snob by any means, but I do know how one should act in public and how one should expect others to behave. As for who is seated at the Captians table...well, I have had that privledge myself and those seated were a couple on their honeymoon, a nurse who was being honored at the end of a long and dedicated career by her daughter, a couple of ladies that were related to one of the workers onboard, and wife an myself who hold no place of honor to my knowledge except that the Social Hostess thought we were nice people. So goes your observation about only being high rollers and TA's at the table.

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