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Default Re: Oh Captain, My Captain

Sorry, Jim, I stand by my position. I began by saying that throwing food crosses the line and shouldn't be tolerated. I guess you missed that.

But it's also true that polite conversations are not discourteous among civilized people. And, while I'm completely aware that common passengers are occasionally favored by the luck of the draw in getting seated at the Captain's table, show me a successful travel agent (or employee of a travel website) who doesn't eat there regularly during cruises.

As far as the number of people on the ship, I simply went by the one report of 2400 that the crew was supposedly "admitting" to. How the hell do I know how many are actually there, or what the Coast Guard or other authorities have to say about it? Apparently the ship is overcrowded. That's the point, right?

And I'm utterly sticking by my guns re the comments about proper customer service. It is important to remember who is buying and who is selling. The senior officers deserve respect, not reverence.

Finally, I'm sure that none of this is funny to the people on the ship who are probably having a miserable cruise. But there is something mildly comical in a Marx Brothers sort of way to some of us who happen to be currently on dry land. Surely, everyone familiar with the stateroom sequence in A Night at the Opera can't help at least a small grin.

Lighten up. OK? :-)


PS, it's my son who's the pilot, not my brother.
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